Recently, the brand Gillette, known for their men’s shaving products, has caused controversy due to their new advertisement which addresses the MeToo movement, sexual harassment, and bullying. The new advertisement uses the same tagline that the company has been using for the past 30 years – “The best a manRead More →

Not such a long time has passed since the fast fashion giant This is the picture that caused outrage among many people on Twitter Forever 21 The internet called out Forever 21 for being completely “tone deaf” Iammo_25 felicianista WhoIsMarkPaul Lyracet90 Forever 21 has since issued an apology, and removedRead More →

Recently the budget-friendly shoe company Payless pulled a savage prank on fashion influencers in California. ‘Payless’ took over a former Armani store in Santa Monica, stocked the shelves with their shoes and opened the doors of the pop-up store to influencers under the fake brand name Palessi. Although fashionistas wereRead More →

The freelance designer, illustrator, and self-named ‘free spirit’ turns his views and observations into colorful conceptual illustrations that hold a mirror to modern society, pointing out its flaws with a fair share of humor and irony. Gebe seeks perfection in simplicity, which results in a minimalistic and incredibly accurate satireRead More →