We'' ll miss you, letter P
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Drumroll, please. Or not — everything depends upon your sensations about inexpensive pancakes.

As we forecasted , after weeks of teasing, IHOP’s dropping its huge news. As of Monday, June 11th, 2018 , the chain states it’s altered its name to IHOb (for “International House of Burgers”) from IHOP (for International House of Pancakes.)

Wow. This is simply awesome things.

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The business made the statement with a splashy burger-filled video published to Twitter on Monday. IHOP consumers can eagerly anticipate such conventional classics as the “Big Brunch Burger” and the “Cowboy Burger.”

But due to the fact that modification isn’t really simple, Twitter responded with utter confusion:

IHOb might not be with us for long, a business agent informed us:

“Right now, there is not a specified time for how long we’ ll utilize the IHOb name, however it is connected to the launch; we’ re supporting the launch by turning our Twitter deal with and producing a totally re-burgered IHOb flagship dining establishment in Hollywood, CA,” Stephanie Peterson informed Mashable. “All dining establishments will have touches of the branding throughout of the summertime project. Based upon fan need, there’ s the possibility we might develop more IHOb dining establishments in the future.”

But on an individual note: IHOb, you were there for me when no other chain was: When I was intoxicated and in desperate requirement of oily business carbohydrates. I thank you for your service.

Read more: https://mashable.com/2018/06/11/ihop-announces-ihob-burgers/

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