An old McDonald’s TV spot featuring President Donald Trump received a makeover, courtesy of Stephen Colbert’s “Late Show” team. 

In the 2002 spot, Trump asks Grimace ― a character that used to frequently appear in the company’s marketing ― about the $1 Big N’ Tasty, a since-discontinued burger.

In the new “Late Show” version, Grimace responds with a few questions of his own about Russia, including a certain alleged tape:  

Trump and burgers were back in the news this week when he ordered fast food from a number of chains to serve Clemson University’s football team during its visit to the White House on Monday to celebrate its national championship.

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I would think that’s their favorite food,” Trump said before the event. 

The White House is operating with limited staff due to the partial government shutdown. Among those furloughed: White House chefs.

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