And the state will be decentralized!
Image: Mark Wilson/getty

When you’re a dubious company railing versus guideline and promoting for a blockchain-based society, it’ses a good idea to have buddies in odd locations.

Decenturion , the current head-scratcher to emerge from the blockchain fever dream, appears to have actually discovered simply such a good friend through a yacht-partying previous Congressman Dennis Kucinich.

The mystical group, which didn’t address a host of emailed concerns concerning its sponsorship, declares to be in the procedure of opening physical embassies worldwide with the objective of “being acknowledged with the status of an independent state of a brand-new society.”

But wait, there’s more. Decenturion’s manifesto mentions casting aside the “inhibitors” (aka federal government authorities) in favor of “the innovators, who attempt to follow the course of development,” and its various bizarro Youtube videos railing versus representative democracy and the Olympics (“a rigged farce placed on by the chemical market”) encounter as a mix in between a marketing trainee’s trick and a QAnon damp dream.

So to commemorate the wacko confluence of brand-new loan and aggrandized self-importance the crypto-boom has actually enabled, on June 4, Decenturion tossed a luxury yacht celebration on exactly what it called a “drifting embassy” situated at Pier 40 in New York, City.

Thankfully for us, Decenturion published images from the occasion to its Facebook page .

“There’s no earthly method of understanding/ Which instructions we are going.”

Image: decenturion facebook page

And yeah, those pictures reveal that for some factor previous Congressman and 2008 Democratic celebration governmental candidate confident Dennis Kucinich appeared with his spouse Elizabeth.

All smiles.

Image: decenturion facebook page

It’s not precisely clear exactly what they were doing there. We connected to both Decenturion and Mr. Kucinich concerning his participation however got no reaction since press time.

But it’s not like he simply unintentionally stumbled in on a cult celebration while looking for totally free champagne. The occasion welcome makes quite clear exactly what’s going on.

“The [Blockchain for Impact] International Summit at the UN will be followed by an unique night occasion,” checked out the invite. “BFI members and welcomed visitors will collect at the drifting embassy of DECENTURION, the very first decentralized self-governing society. DECENTURION is the world’ s just decentralized state, where the interactions, economy, and governance are developed on blockchain innovation and where all resources such as loan, power, and splendor come from its locals.”

And participants signed in at a table nearby to a substantial Decenturion indication stating “enough with taxes!”

The decentralized future begins with a registration line.

Image: decenturion facebook page

But possibly, simply possibly, Kucinich understands something that we non-blockchain based suckers do not. It’s possible that he sees which method the pre-nuclear winds are blowing and is preparing his escape now.

For his sake, we simply hope he’s reviewed the existing state of Ayn Rand fan-fiction. Due to the fact that damn, we’re uncertain there’s much else being gone over on the drifting libertarian dream “connected to Ethereum” that is Decenturion.

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