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Ever been called a Couch Potato for lazing?

Well, now you can understand precisely just how much time you’ve been non-active — though I’m not totally sure why you desire this figure. At any rate, the Couch Potato app intends to be the anti-step tracker that rewards you for relaxing. Perhaps it’s sort of good that an app motivates you to relax without any embarassment?

The app is just readily available for iOS users by means of the App Store, sorry Android users.

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Couch Potato is made by Burrow, a sofa business for the contemporary world — believe Casper bed mattress however for a couch, loveseats, and ottomans. The app may be a marketing stunt, however it winds up being successful in 2 not likely methods.

First, it counters versus the current t ime well-spent activity tracking motion from Silicon Valley. (Google and Apple are both including activity tracks, with Facebook and Instagram presenting comparable ones.)

Second, for a marketing stunt, there was some effort took into Couch Potato. The on-boarding procedure is easy: Just launch and allow it to access your movement and physical fitness activity information. It utilizes the accelerometer inside your iPhone to track motion.

Shaking your phone, aka being active, leads to Couch Potato finding movement.

Image: jake krol/mashable

The user interface is quite bare bones, however the app gamifies the experience like any great tracker. You start on Level 1, aka Tater Tot, and move all the method as much as Level 5, a Mash Monster — and yes, this is something you must desire be. As more lack of exercise is tracked, your potato stem grows bigger with more leaves, and the ottoman gets switched out for a chair.

This is all oddly gratifying. I made up to Level 2, Small Fry, after simply over 2 hours of lack of exercise.

For downloading the app and instantly reaching the very first level, users are provided a 15% discount rate at Vinebox. For Level 2 my benefit altered to $50 off a purchase of $1,000 or more from Burrow, and easily, the marketing referral comes cycle.

The app does not seem tracking your information — the only thing it has access to is movement. The tracking itself passes days, and demonstrates how numerous hours you were non-active. Shaking your phone with the app open gets a “identifying movement” pop-up to appear. I might see a culture growing around the app; it would be cool for a neighborhood function to be included. I’ll upgrade this post to report whether you move down a level if you have less non-active hours — although considering this app motivates lack of exercise, I question it would pity users for refraining from doing it. When your phone isn’t really moving, #peeee

Couch Potato does not innovate; it simply tracks. Then once again, is this app attempting to be anything more?

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