Ryan Reynolds is known worldwide for his role as the sarcastic superhero Deadpool and in this case, life and art imitate each other. That’s right, Reynolds is a real-life superhero and we are here to tell you why this star should be your favorite kick-ass character on and off the screen.

From posing with all of his fans to volunteering with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Reynolds is one of the most relatable celebrities out there. He even bravely shared his personal experience with mental illness for Mental Health Awareness Month and how it can affect anyone.

Last month Fox revealed that an Untitled Deadpool movie would be released on December 21st, however, until then you can get your fix of the actor performing heroic feats in the real world on our list below!

h/t: Dorkly

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#1 Ryan Reynolds Gave The New Dads The Best Tips

#2 The Time He Admitted His Wife Can’t Compete With His Kid

#3 His Bromance With Hugh Jackman

#4 He Invited Kids From The Make-A-Wish Foundation To Hang Out With Him On The Set Of Deadpool

#5 He’s A True Role Model For All Dads

#6 He Stole The Deadpool Suit Form The Set

#7 He Remained Charming Even When He’s Insulting Infants

#8 His Sword Play Skills Are Next Level

#9 He’s One Step Further Than All Of Us

#10 He Is One Dedicated Father

#12 He Even Sent One Fan Two Tickets To His Movie Premiere

#13 The Way He And His Wife Trolled Each Other Even On Birthdays

#14 Sometimes He’s A Real A-Hole

#15 He Showed Up For Some Of His Smaller Fans In Full Costume To Give Them A Kickass Halloween

#16 His Love For Hugh Jackman Is Out Of Control

#17 He Appreciates His Daughter’s Art

#18 That Time He Was Killing It In Traffic Next To High School Kids

#19 That Time He Was On King Of Masked Singer

#20 Deadpool Fans Mean The World To Him

#22 His Love/Hate Relationship With Josh Brolin

#23 He Was So Bad At Keeping Secrets, The Deadpool Marketing Team Had Took Extra Steps To Protect The Film

#24 He Is Open And Candid About His Battle With Anxiety

#25 He’s An Impeccable Host

#26 The Time He Fan-Boyed Over One Direction Just Like The Rest Of Us

#27 His Opinion On Dick Pics

#28 The Way He Explained Leaking The Deadpool Footage

#29 He’s Almost Always Honest

#30 His High School Yearbook Photo Proved He’s Always Been A Treasure

Read more: http://www.boredpanda.com/ryan-reynolds-best-funny/

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